The Role of the CityLog in the SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt Tips

In SimCity you can construct a new city to your heart’s content and by having a good layout and plan it out well. By empowering the economy in your city, you can develop your city well. Make use of the place by building schools, have police station, fire-fighters and improve the infrastructure. If you are not a good mayor and your ideas are not valid you may face difficulties through disgruntled citizens who face chaos, traffic jams, power shortages, confusion and anarchy with costs spiraling and more of crime. As it is your city, you need to develop it in the best way possible. Even a few false moves may cost you a lot of money. You can understand what a tedious job a mayor has for he is always facing problems.

With a handy tool called CityLog, you can connect with your friends. Through CityLog you can act on any event in SimCity. You can also wait for opportunities and join your friends in new cities. You can rise to challenges by looking at your progress in your city and revise strategies or implement new ones. If there are any global changes in the market, you can get more simcity buildit cheats which helps you to meet global challenges, take advantage of global changes and also helps you to go along with the changes in the economic world. You can also watch out for your friends’ achievements and help you to compete with them if you are in the same event.

The game can be played by a single player or by multiplayer mode. As a single player you can build your region, control it and be responsible for your own personal city. By multi-playing you can create new ways of playing the game in collaboration with your friends or competing with your friends. You can earn achievements and overcome your opponents by checking with them on the CityLog. Cities can be developed by investing in specific industries. By adding new facilities like casinos, production plants, malls and other hubs, you can boost your city’s strength. You can have a single city or have a maximum of 16 cities. The strength of the city is judged on the citizen population, education, happiness and wealth. If there are libraries, colleges and universities in the city it helps to keep the citizens happy and contented. Providing jobs through electronic products, production of coal and iron, helping trade to flourish are some means by which the wealth of the city is increased. Through education, citizens can introduce new technology into that region while universities bring in more scholars and improve the standard of the society though the maintenance cost is pretty expensive. Tourism develops the city through introducing shopping areas and casinos though they also attract crime in those regions.

With Simoleons, the currency used in SimCity, the game can be well played. However, getting the currency is a tough task which has to be earned through tax, increasing revenue, selling products, etc. It can also be generated for free through SimCity BuildIt Guide by which you can have the best city.

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