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Articles About LDS Church History

George A. Smith on William Law – The Leading String

William Law was called by revelation to a position in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (see D&C 124:91).  However, the following account from a sermon given by George A. Smith, on January 10, 1958, shows how William Law slipped in the matter of honesty, ultimately leading to cheering […]

Levi Richards and Wife Leave Baby for Mission to England

Levi Richards (1799-1876) was a physician who often tended the Prophet Joseph Smith. The Prophet once remarked that Levi Richards “is the best physician I have ever been acquainted with.” Levi and his wife Sarah Griffith married late in life. He was forty-four and she was forty-one. When their only child, Levi Willard, was born […]