Hooked Up To Pixel Gun 3D For Its Outstanding Features And Awesome Graphics

Pixel Gun 3D is not just a mere game, but it is more like an addiction. Once you have played this game, it will not be long, when you get hooked up to it already. Well, there are so many interesting modes available, to make this game fascinating and best, among other games. Well, you might have come across so many combat and battlefield games, but none can work as great as this one. It has some of the best cooperative and multiplayer modes, which will always offer you with the best services over here. You even have the right to play with up to 4 or 8 players at the same time, through some different modes.

More about survival campaign

Want to enjoy battle in a story mode? If so, then the survival mode is what you need, over here. This mode is going to offer you with some requisite features:

  • Here, you are likely to come face to face with some zombies, ready to attack you from various sides
  • Moreover, there are some other enemies, trying to let you down, such as robbers, cops, nurses and more
  • The only way to survive in this round is by wiping them off. If you fail to do so, then it will not be long when you are doomed

Features of campaign mode

There are sometimes when you have to think about incorporating new features in an old game. The developers and programmers of Pixel Gun 3D have done the same thing. They have introduced some features in campaign mode.

  • You are about to enjoy a new form of training camp; meant for the first timers
  • Moreover, the new and detailed graphics are further going to make this game a memorable one for you
  • On the other hand, you have some new cool maps, such as a forest full of seeds and more

Major features of campaign modes

The points, mentioned above, are some of the interesting points of the campaign modes. But that’s not all. You have some added features to it, as well. Those are:

  • Various types of maps, to help you enjoy a different set of game always
  • Different types of arms to help you for a great fight and some examples are AK47, heavy machine gun, MP5 and even Colt
  • You can even come in direct contact with some enemies and zombies, over here
  • On the other hand, you cannot just get enough of the awesome forms of HD pixel graphics
  • The added dynamic lights will add more value to your round of pixel gun games

Help when you need it

With every round win, you will receive coins and gold, which are used for buying weapons and other value-added features, over here. Sometimes, you need some of the best campaign features and extra help to win a round. Try procuring help of the pixel gun 3d hack apk, at such point; but only when you have no other option left. The help is mandatory, but it must be used as a temporary backup plan and nothing more than that.

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