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Why would these young men and women choose to put on their dress clothes and traipse around strange parts of the world for two years? The Lord’s Church has always been a missionary church. Just as Jesus Christ and His disciples preached the gospel, more than 84,000 missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are spreading His word today. They are called to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ in all parts of the world. Most missionaries are about 20 years old, though many older married couples also choose to serve. Missionaries voluntarily put aside school, work and dating for about two years in order to serve the Lord at their own expense.

Communication with family is even limited to letters or email and very occasional phone calls so that they can focus wholeheartedly on serving the Lord and the people where they serve. During their two years of full time service they devote themselves to studying, meeting people and teaching about Jesus Christ and His restored Church. Their work is a labor of love, and most missionaries end up feeling they gained more than they gave by serving.

What to Expect


You will be contacted within two to three days. Male or female missionaries can meet with you in your home where you’ll probably be most comfortable, or, if you prefer, in one of our chapels or some other public place. A typical visit lasts about 45 minutes, though it can be shortened according to your schedule. The missionaries will introduce our basic beliefs—such as faith, repentance and obedience to God’s commandments - and discuss any other questions you have about the Church or about religion or life in general. These get-togethers are very casual. You won’t be asked to buy anything or make a donation, only to learn more about the Church that means so much to us.

If the things the missionaries share are interesting and meaningful to you, you can set up another appointment to discuss them in more depth and learn more. They can give you a Book of Mormon and accompany you to church meetings so that you can see for yourself what our faith is about.